Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Thanks to all who have emailed or called with “sightings” of deloresart products around the world! It is still such a surprise to me when I hear it! This spring-y picture comes from Winnipeg. Send me any you come across! By the way,  when are we getting spring? I am really getting sick of this cold! Ché just left to do the Butterdome Spring Sale in Edmonton, Alberta. She was is Ottawa two weeks ago and Teneil did the Scattered Seeds Spring Craft Sale in Winnipeg. Busy girls!
They are doing a great job! We have about 15 shows for this year. We seem to have it down-pat now. The hardest thing is getting them both completely outfitted. It is coming together. We are re
ally pleased with the response and thanks to all who sent their compliments! Make sure you come and see us at a show near you!

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  1. hi lovely lady ~
    just popping by to say hi and say how delighted i am to find your blog site! i am so thrilled that your work is being enjoyed by so many in so many places ~ that must be so rewarding!
    wishing you the best always ... you are most certainly 'letting your little light shine' ...(i'll tell you the story behind my 'slogan' some day)


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