Thursday, March 19, 2009

Back to the old drawing board....literally

Well, I am officially back to work. I have 36 illustrations to do for RUSS and lots of art changes and additions for DeloresArt. After spring break I am also going back to school (my regular day-job). The illustrations are going ok. The hardest ones are the scenic ones I am doing, but I am developing a technique as I go along so it is getting better. The flowers are fun to do. 
After this I have to work on a series called "woman to woman" so if anyone has some great ideas and or quotations, please send them. It would be really appreciated. I think they are looking for stuff like "I feel a girl's night out coming on" or "girlfriends are the sisters you choose for yourself". They have another artist who does comedy stuff so this is supposed to be more "emotional". Thanks for the help.

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