Monday, November 23, 2009

Well, here we are with just 2 shows left! I am so proud of what my family has accomplished this year! We have been working 24-7 to get product made and the van is over-flowing. One last road trip to Calgary then Edmonton and we are done for the year. Thank goodness for this wonderful driving weather. Here are some little characters I did earlier in the year. I was doing these in the spring and that is exactly what they make me think of now, spring! Only a few moths ’til then (lol).

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

WELL, here I am again, finally! It has been such a busy year. Teneil's wedding took up most of late spring and then summer seemed like a whirlwind! Fall was upon us so quickly, and thank goodness it has lasted this long. We are in the middle of show season. My girls are doing great! I myself am already in bed with a sore back. Oh well, what can you do? We have been working on the e-store at our website, We have had so many on-line orders, so it is working out great. There are so many fixes I want to do, fine-tuning, so-to-speak, but there is no time! Keep watching tho, as I am always putting up new artworks. Have a great fall, while it lasts...