Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My wedding and such

You can tell I'm not busy as I am doing more frequent posts. My exciting news for this post is about MY wedding. It takes place on Friday, December 18th -- just around the corner! It is super low-key, mainly family and at a restaurant, nothing crazy!!! Its perfect for me as there is nothing to fuss over. So people, it is possible to find a soul mate! It took me 46 years, but he's the one!
I can't wait! It is a great way to start the holidays.
I just feel so good today. My classes at school were good. It always amazes me how much talent there is with these young artists. I come home just buzzing with ideas for new pieces. My 2010 line will probably reflect some of this inspiration. I will soon start on that, with many half-cooked ideas already swimming in my head. This deloresart year may shape up to be the best one yet. For one thing, we are way more organized. And after all, I have help now! It really frees me up to put more energy into the creative. Here's one piece that will evolve into one of 2010's pieces. This is currently hanging at the Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba. Both pieces are for sale. The “Message in a Bottle” is $150 and the “Take a Trip” piece is $95. Hope you like these. Let me know what you think.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

“It’s an adventure!”

Well, show season is over. I can't believe we made it. It seemed like it wouldn't be a big deal to add 3 more shows, but guess what? It is! We were so much busier and despite all of our careful planning, it was still crazy. I had to remind myself of what it used to be like when I worked alone! I will never forget. Not only did I have to load up my van, I had to add 3 kids (and a microwave, and a coffee maker)! Well, in a way those were the good old days. I learned so much about the business and met so many wonderful artisans along the way. Now, when my daughters are on the road, they still run into many of those people who have struggled along with me! Though I am no longer making the road trips I still remember it all fondly. I am glad the season is over and I look forward to next year. We have so many new ideas (the shoes are a new addition, featured in artworks # 42 and #202) and now that the e-commerce part of the site is going, we will surely see our business grow even more. All I can say is: “It’s and adventure!” Please visit our website often to watch as we move along. Cheers.