Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A breath of fresh air...

I was taking the dog for a walk this week when I noticed how much the air was filled with birdsong! The sun was shining and the sky was blue and the snow was positively sparkling! I can't wait for these frigidly cold temperatures to be gone, but I really appreciated the birds being out there singing away! It inspired me and I have produced several artworks recently with birds in them. These are my spring inspired greeting cards. I have more on the way. These are done in my collage style and really must be seen close up to appreciate all of the fine details and nuances. These have not been uploaded to my site yet, they are so fresh! Please visit the website and send me any constructive criticisms you may have. I really appreciate the time you take to do this. It helps.

1 comment:

  1. hi honey!
    i am continuously amazed at your creativity ...
    especially adore your bird works ...
    soon we will all be singing spring!
    soon, oh so very soon ... : )


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