Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What Shall I do today?

Well is my last holiday day. I like the fact that spring is on the way. This picture just makes me feel like spring. Can't wait for those tulips!
 I feel ready to go back to school but I really want to savour this. I am going to start with a long hot bath. Then I think I will spend the day drawing, or maybe painting. I have so many drawings, so I guess I should maybe finish one. Then I will have the basis for another art-plaque.
Did anyone see the button mirrors we made this year. They are so cute and we sold tons! My 14 year old daughter has been making them for me and she was VERY excited to buy herself the latest Blackberry. It really is cool...hmmm... don't I need my phone replaced???? Well, maybe I can wait awhile longer.

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